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Today I’d like to introduce to you Mr. Phillip Karber. He worked as a counselor to Margaret Thatcher, NATO Secretary General Manfred Warren and the U.S. Department of Defense. Now he is a military expert, Georgetown University professor and president of the Potomac Foundation. Professor Karber has been occupied with Ukraine of late spending a […]

The Syrian conflict’s entered a new phase of late. This is connected with the beginning of Russia’s bombings of the ISIL positions in support of Assad’s regime. We don’t know yet if the Russians will really succeed or help to settle the protracted conflict in Syria. But, this’s the fact that all previous measures against […]

The endless flow of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia is one of the biggest problems for Europe today. It’s known there are some gaps in the immigration law in the EU countries and the lack of established mechanisms of reception and accommodation of refugees. But the thing is that during various forums […]

The Arctic is under total control It’s an open secret that the United States, Canada, Russia and the European Union pay much attention to the Arctic region. It makes perfect sense to me: the Arctic is very important strategic region filled with natural resources such as minerals, oil, gas, fish and so forth. At the […]

The crucial negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program in a luxury hotel of Vienna seem to come to an end. The experts believe the discussions will have great influence on the geopolitical situation in the world, crash the oil prices and lead Mr. Obama to his first victory in the Middle East. However, the foreign ministers […]

Hey there! I’ve been waiting and preparing for this moment for a long time. I’m going to Yemen! Be sure I’m not crazy. I won’t be alone there and I’ve got the mission. Today I publish some docs about the training for you. So you could see everything is OK and nothing threatens me. Look […]

Hello to everyone. Today I’d like to share some more confidential docs from National Endowment for Democracy organization that partly reveal the American special services’ actions in Vietnam. I think it’s gonna be interesting for you. We’ve talked that the CIA finances its covert operations through different non-governmental organizations and funds. We’ve also pointed the […]