How U.S. bombs ISIL in Syria

The Syrian conflict’s entered a new phase of late. This is connected with the beginning of Russia’s bombings of the ISIL positions in support of Assad’s regime.

We don’t know yet if the Russians will really succeed or help to settle the protracted conflict in Syria. But, this’s the fact that all previous measures against ISIL led nowhere.

I’d like to show you some photos of objects in Syria that came under the USAF attacks in Aug-Sept 2015. I’ve got them from the American military expert Dave Deptula’s presentation that you can find here.

It’s an open secret now that the U.S. plans on fighting ISIL via moderate Syrian opposition totally failed. Now the effectiveness of the U.S. air strikes on terrorists’ positions is also put in doubt. It’s reasonable that people flee from war and the ISIL. The pictures show the people rush to Turkey and them to Europe. But most of them aren’t allowed in the country, so great congestion of cars, trucks and buses full of refugees forms at the border.



Hereafter there’re also photos of the town of Khirbet Ghazaleh. It’s located in the southern Syria not far from the Jordan border. There’re no destructions seen in the town itself. But there’re a lot of signs of high precision weapons shots in the suburbs. These’re numerous pale crosses created after projectiles exploded inside the buildings making them collapse like a house of cards.


Below you can see at zoomed pictures no. 1 and 2 how the Americans conducted a ‘safari’ striking precisely at distant farmer’s houses amid fields where there’re no military equipment or terrorists. There’s just no place to hide.



And now a key moment of this post at last!

Pay your attention to red square no. 3 at the general picture of Khirbet Ghazaleh. Here it is in a zoomed view:


This is a terrorists’ camp strengthened with trenches and other fortifications. And the U.S. left exactly that place, where the terrorists made their base, without any air strikes!

And now the question occurs: why the U.S. waste millions of dollars of its tax payers?

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