Terrorist migration to Europe

The endless flow of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia is one of the biggest problems for Europe today. It’s known there are some gaps in the immigration law in the EU countries and the lack of established mechanisms of reception and accommodation of refugees.

But the thing is that during various forums and conferences the EU representatives discuss behind the scenes much more important topic: thousands of extremists experienced in subversive activities arrive in Europe along with Muslim refugees. And no one knows how to counteract a terrorist migration today.

discussion paper_meeting October_version DMS


According to the Magar Nemzet newspaper Hungary alone registered more than 2,500 migrants who can potentially organize a terrorist act. Try to imagine what at least 100 suicide bombers can do in densely populated Europe.

And one more thing. Angela Merkel offered (obviously for humanitarian reasons) to simplify the procedure of citizenship obtaining for Syrian refugees, but probably she didn’t think that there were a lot of professional preachers of radical Islam, recruiters and saboteurs. Their ‘activity’ will have catastrophic consequences for Germany.

At the same time Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia are still considered by migrants as transit countries (although sufficient number of immigrants settle there). Their destination points are Germany, Sweden, Denmark and France because of high unemployment benefits and liberal immigration law in these countries.


The European governments are very much afraid of accusations of zero tolerance and Islamophobia, so they don’t take drastic measures against migrants.

The softness of the authorities of the European countries leads to the strengthening of nationalist and anti-Islamic sentiments among the population. The popularity of the National Front by Marine Le Pen is growing in France. The Alternative for Germany party and the PEGIDA movement (patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West) are gaining momentum in Germany.


We also see the strengthening of right-wing parties in Denmark, Sweden, Austria and the Netherlands. This is the most actual problem for Greece where the third largest parliamentary party Golden Dawn openly expresses fascist views, as well as for Hungary where the second most popular party Jobbik follows the similar views.

Interesting information is coming from the nonpublic conferences of Europol and other EU structures. Particularly, the director of Europol Rob Wainwright announced the creation of a special unit to monitor the activities of Islamists on the Internet and prevent the spreading of extremist content. I’d like to share some documents indicating that the organization actually works.

The functioning of the Internet Referral Unit (EU IRU)

meeting document

In addition, they prepare restricted weekly reviews of jihadist content published on the Internet.

Weekly report #8


Within the framework of a recent conference in Bucharest, delegations of the EU countries tried to comprehend the other process: by what routes and for what purpose the European citizens are going to the Middle East to join the terrorists.

Foreign fighters and migration risks


bucuresti contents

Meanwhile the Europeans were just talking, the Islamic State released dozens of high-quality propaganda films which call for the European Muslims to fight the “infidels” with all possible means: either joining the so called Caliphate (Syria and Iraq), or following the way Jihad in their home cities. One of the latest videos is focused on the Balkans.

Thus, Europe faces a choice today: whether to continue welcoming migrant terrorists, preachers and sympathizers of radical ideology or to take tough and unpopular measures against all migrants without any exceptions. Nationalist sentiment among indigenous population will obviously keep on growing. Zero tolerance towards Muslims will make them act in response that will bring to explosions, arson of cars and houses, etc.

It is unknown what consequences the terrorist migration to Europe will have. But we should absolutely forget about the old prosperous and peaceful Europe.

2 thoughts on “Terrorist migration to Europe

  1. All this discussed at the higher select Bilderberg levels years ago. So all European industrialists, premiers, presidents and the EU parliament are enablers and promoters of European destruction.

    Instructions handed out to Bilderberg by London Donmeh and NY Zionist lickspittles of Rothschild.


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