What is the purpose of combat drones in the Arctic?

The Arctic is under total control

It’s an open secret that the United States, Canada, Russia and the European Union pay much attention to the Arctic region. It makes perfect sense to me: the Arctic is very important strategic region filled with natural resources such as minerals, oil, gas, fish and so forth.

At the end of May this year Norwegian capital, Oslo, welcomed attendees of the international conference “Arctic Patrol and Reconnaissance”. Representatives of the USA, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland stayed in Radisson hotel to discuss situation and development of Arctic region.

Dr. Natalia Andreassen (researcher from High North Center, University of Nordland) showed the broad range of activities in Arctic: Intercontinental Arctic routes, Fisheries, Petroleum activity, Maritime tourism.


Natalia Andreassen – pdf

Captain Sakari Martimo from Finnish MoD answers the question WHY EU IN THE ARCTIC?

-Climate Change still a puzzle -> to gain better understanding

-Arctic’s economical importance growing -> worries on safety

-Strategic importance gradually growing -> worries on security

But I really don’t understand who they are going to protect 🙂

That’s strange but Finnish speaker says about human rights, freedom and democracy during his speech. And I have no idea where is the link between the huge ice-covered territory of polar bears and human right etc.

Sakari Martimo – pdf

I have a strong feeling that there is a desire of stakeholders to control the Arctic region and natural resources.

Colonel Jeff Dooling from Canadian Armed Forces told the participants that Canada is going to use Polar Epsilon Receiving Stations. It’s going to be an expensive activity.

  • About $64.5 will cost M Ground Segment with $445M R2 Data Allocation to GoC.
  • Separate commercial SB-AIS data service $5M annually.


Colonel Jeff Dooling – pdf

Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen from National Space Institute of Denmark told that his government was going to use “NASA Armstrong Flight Research Facility” and “Northrop Grumman Corporation” drones in the Arctic.


As far as I know these UAVs are used for civil and military needs. Consequently, the drones at any time can be used for warfare.

This raises a logical question: What is the real purpose of combat drones in the Arctic?


Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen – pdf

You know, I suppose that the real goal of all participant-countries to this conference is to establish total control over one of the most important world strategic regions and its natural resources.

Colonel Jeff Dooling from Canadian Armed Forces (Director of Space Requirements) told about the scheme of such a control of the Arctic.


I guess that the Arctic may become another Middle East in the near future, where the leading powers are fighting for natural resources and spheres of influence. And it would be great if these leaks could prevent or at least reduce the probability of such a scenario.

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