I’m going to Yemen!

Hey there! I’ve been waiting and preparing for this moment for a long time. I’m going to Yemen! Be sure I’m not crazy. I won’t be alone there and I’ve got the mission.

Today I publish some docs about the training for you. So you could see everything is OK and nothing threatens me.

Look here. It’s really serious. Here’re the training instructions for exercises conducted at military intelligence and airborne bases.

Warfighter Exercise 15-3 III Corps 3-12 February 2015

FHTX LOI WFX 15-3 20JAN15 FHTX LOI WFX 15-3 20JAN15 2

Warfighter Exercise 15-2 82nd Airborne Division 6-15 December 2014

WFX 15-2 (FHTX) WFX 15-2 (FHTX) 2

We paid a lot of attention to terrorist organizations, and ISIL in particular, during the training. Its tactics, command and control, ambush actions, air defense, the Web and social media activity which was especially interesting for me.

TRISA_Threat_Tactics_Rpt_ISIL_141101-CDR-13727[1] TRISA_Threat_Tactics_Rpt_ISIL_141101-CDR-13727[1] 2

I doubt if it will help me in Yemen but now I know almost everything about Russian helicopters and drones.

Russian Attack Helicopter Mi-24/35 HIND


There’s a lot of negative about the U.S. and its foreign policy but the Americans developed upscale training programs.

Wait for me with a load of interesting stuff soon.

More Docs:

WFX 15-3 FLKS OG X LOI 22 Jan 2015 FHTX_HotelRoster 22 Jan 2015


FHTX_HotelRoster 22 Jan 2015

U.S. Government Position on Terrorism

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