CIA Covert Operations in Asia: North Korea

Today I’d like to share some confidential docs from National Endowment for Democracy organization that partly reveal the American secret services actions in the North Korea. I think it’s interesting for you.

It’s an open secret that the CIA finances its covert operations through different non-governmental organizations and funds that transfer grants to the final recipients.

Different funds and NGOs all over the world receive these grants. They are usually involved in the field of human rights, freedom of speech, elections, etc. It’s hard to control money flows in these spheres as well as to understand what the organizations really do.

The grants distribution scheme runs like clockwork: the CIA’s enormous budget flows via NED to the regions where the U.S. is eager to strengthen its influence at any cost.

The NED docs show that it will seek to support the North Korean human rights and democracy movement via various conferences, seminars, consultations, as well as spreading the American propaganda through radio and magazines. They also say that the organization will train North Korean activists in the Chinese border area.

As you can see the NED strategy is a lite version of the CIA actions in fact. If the U.S. intensified its activity in Asia that means a new color revolution will break out there sooner or later. For example, a bamboo revolution.

NED North Korea Strategy


In FY2015, NED will seek to support the North Korean human rights and democracy movement by supporting human rights documentation and efforts to prepare for transitional justice; strengthening efforts for the free flow of information in and out of the country; and building the capacity of North Korean people in critical thinking and basic understanding of human rights, integrity and freedom, and democratic values.


The support will include the production of radio broadcasts and magazines for and by North Koreans in digital format, and the distribution of UBSs/CDs/DVDs containing audio-visual and electronic materials useful to people in North Korea. While NED will continue to support Korean-language radio broadcasts for North Korean people as independent sources of timely news and information, and it will expand on digital media, distribution, and other types of audio-visual programs.


In addition, NED will support opportunities that will aim to encourage bipartisan or non-partisan and collaborative approaches to North Korea-related organizations in South Korea as an important component of democracy work.

NK – Imjingang – IA


NORTH KOREA: Imjingang Magazine

Grant #2014-083.0


The stated objectives of the project being assessed in this document were:

  • To provide a platform for North Korean citizens to share information and their opinions about North Korean culture, economics, politics, and other developments.
  • To provide South Koreans and Korean-speaking experts in the international community with a rare, insiders’ look at North Korean society.

ASIA REGIONAL: Supporting the Asia Democracy Network

5ASIA REGIONAL: Supporting the Asia Democracy Network

Grant #2014.386.0


The stated objectives of the project being assessed in this document were:

  • To strengthen regional solidarity, support, and cooperation for human rights and democracy throughout the Asia region.
  • To support the Asia Democracy Network (ADN)’s secretariat and human rights and democracy advocacy and solidarity building programs.

More docs:

Feb17 Confirmation and Logistics_Gershman

February 17 Agenda Latest

To be continued…

3 thoughts on “CIA Covert Operations in Asia: North Korea

  1. What do you suppose the real objective is here? We know that the AngloZionists don’t give a damn about human rights, democracy or any other of their warm and fuzzy buzzwords. So, what’s this about? Is it a long term strategy to westernize (bring under AngloZionist control) greater far east Asia?

    BWT, love your blog. I would like it if you could dig up some dirt on Poland. I recently read (Sputnik or Russia Insider, perhaps) that a Polish MP said that Poland worked/conspired with the CIA on creating Maidan and trained the snipers used for the coup. Of course, anyone following Ukraine knew that, instinctively, but the open admission was new. There must be some seriously damning documents out there and we need them! Poland needs to be completely exposed and isolated for it’s role in the mass murder of Ukrainians, from Maidan to Donbass.


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