Exciting trip to the USA

Today I’d like to share my impressions of my recent trip to USA and show you some pictures and also some confidential documents that I’ve got by chance.

I was lucky enough to see a wonderful place – the State of Texas. But my impressions were darkened by my visits to National Parks. I had to leave it in a very short time, because all state health-care agencies were preparing to welcome Ebola diseased patients.

IMG_4171 IMG_4169 IMG_4165

This information was confirmed by the special protocol spread among the local health-care agencies with instructions of what to do in that case.

1 2 3 4


Suspected Ebola Patient Protocol Colorado County EMS


Ebola Protocol Possibilities

According to unofficial reports there’re already 10 patients with fatal diagnosis in Texas’ hospitals. However, this information is carefully concealed from local population and neighbor states.

So, I decided to vanish into thin air.

And now I’m in legendary New York! I took a yellow cab to get to a Hotel. That was a sufficiently expensive Hotel! While I was completing the formalities at reception I decided to take some photos of its luxurious interiors. Accidentally my camera focused on one very famous American person… I realized at once, that it was “the globe master”, the U.S. Secretary of state himself!

That was not the end of my occasional meetings with the second person in the U.S. When I entered into a small bike store, I noticed a very familiar man standing behind – that was John Kerry again! This time he was dressed in leggings, sweaty with an idiotic helmet on his head. And he had “Garmin” sticker on his T-shirt (I wonder how much he was paid for that?). So I didn’t waste time and took a photo of my vis-à-vis in such specific look!


I can tell you about all my trips over the States for a very long time and I suppose this story wouldn’t be so exceptional if i didn’t meet such interesting person on my way. I think you’ll be interested in my adventures and keep reading my amazing post.

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