Invasion in Yemen was prepared beforehand

Proceeding with the topic of the U.S. cynical external policy I’d like to draw your attention to its ‘double standards’ towards the Middle East countries. The U.S. interest in the permanent destabilization in the oil-producing region is clear enough without further comments.

Yesterday I wrote about the way the U.S. was supporting terrorists in their struggle against Syrian President Assad. According to the common sense the United States should also support Yemeni fighters in their war against the President of Yemen who isn’t any better than Assad at all. But it doesn’t. The U.S. has never tolerated strengthening of pro-Iranian forces in any country of the region. And it doesn’t give a damn about the principles.

It’s easy to notice that the Americans participate in many local conflicts indirectly and prefer to use someone else to do the dirty work. This is true for Yemen as well.

The preparation for pro-American government salvation began beforehand.

The U.S. deployed its military training bases in Pakistan to train local high qualified military instructors. So these instructors can train military units in other countries then. This was the way with Jordan where Pakistani specialists trained Syrian fighters and went to Syria with them after that. The same is for Saudi Arabia where the Pakistani military have trained their Saudi colleagues using American techniques before their deployment in Yemen.

For example, here’s a restricted document that describes how the Pakistani trained Saudi snipers according to a two-year program (Post Tenure Report- Maj Shariq 2014)

11 12   14

And here’s a report of Shariq Saud Baanday, the Pakistani Army major, about his mission to Saudi Arabia and his impressions of the country (Post Training Report-Sniper Trg 2012-14).

21 22 23

I’m sure this is just a small part of those experience that Pakistani military trained by the Americans shared with Saudis.

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