U.S. and its struggle against ISIL

I’ve got several documents on Syria and Iraq from confidential sources.

Nobody doubts that Asad is a bloody dictator. But the U.S. position on the Syrian crisis raises a great number of questions. In fact, the U.S. sponsored the creation of the organization that is called the Islamic State now, but now America is trying to justify itself and find good guys among fighters and terrorists in Syria.

And how will you draw line between fighters who are to be provided with arms and those who are to be bombed? IMHO, they’re all cutthroats and ogres.

But let’s look through the docs one by one.

This’s a letter to Barack Obama from a certain Syrian citizen aka Caesar who bore witness to the Asad regime’s brutality. The author attached more than 26,000 photos of people tortured in custody. Here’s one of them (pic 1,2). Seven hells! That’s horrible! All to fight Asad…

… or ISIL. Frankly, I confuse which of them is the less evil to the world. The U.S. used to supply weapons to the Asad’s adversaries. But a great deal of those people are fighting for ISIL against pro-American government in Iraq and threatening to kill the U.S. soldiers now. Benjamin Rhodes, the U.S. President’s advisor, replied to Caesar that the U.S. will keep on training and equipping Syrian opposition that is to fight both Asad regime and ISIL groups (pic 3,4). WTF! There’s something wrong here! Where is this moderate opposition?

Let’s look through another doc (pic 5). Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the UN, writes to Mr. Ban Ki-moon requesting to legitimate air strikes against ISIL positions in Syria and Iraq. Mrs. Power blames Asad’s regime saying it’s unwilling or unable to control its territory and confront ISIL. Wow! Great! The U.S. was doing its best to overthrow the Syrian government, training and equipping present-day ISIL fighters, and blames Asad for everything now.

Dirty and cynical methods, Mrs. Power! You wrote a letter, go and wash your hands now! I wish the Romanian politicians were so sophisticated in misleading the UN. Romania would expand greatly including Moldova and a part of Ukraine.

Caesar Letter

Caesar Victims

White House Letter 1

White House Letter 2

Samantha Power Letter

2 thoughts on “U.S. and its struggle against ISIL

  1. Hey…what about publishing that “Clinton Foundation” & “Clinton fake-ass University” donor lists and grant documents? Let’s see ALL of that!
    And Benghazi; do you have anything on that?
    How about how these Transnational elites, illegally funnelling money, out of “The Peoples” coffers…in MANY Countries! One of the largest acts of Treason and the biggest theft in human history! Got anything on that?


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